Replacement of the best-selling Lada Granta: there will be three bodies in the Lada Iskra line, without a station wagon

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The model should be presented next year

The Lada Iskra will receive two body types, on the basis of which three modifications will be created, as reported by the “Russian Cars” public page on the VKontakte social network.

“There will be no station wagon in the Lada Iskra (XJO) range – the two-volume version of the model is designated as a hatchback in the internal factory documentation,” writes the Russian Automobiles public page.

Замена бестселлера Lada Granta: в линейке Lada Iskra будет три кузова, без универсала

Lada Iskra will receive three body versions:

  • LJO – sedan;
  • BJO – hatchback;
  • BJO Cross is a cross hatchback.

The hatchback provides a shorter rear overhang than the sedan and station wagon. The cross-hatchback should be distinguished by a protective plastic body kit around the perimeter of the body and increased ground clearance.

The launch of production of the Lada Iskra is expected at the end of 2024, it should replace the best-selling Lada Granta.

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