Available to everyone: Wildberries is testing a free service for online meetings, video conferencing and broadcasts

by alex

Clients for Android, iOS and macOS, web version for Windows and other OS

The team of the largest Russian online trading platform Wildberries developed and launched, without any special announcements, its own free service for online meetings, video conferences and broadcasts. 

At the moment, WB Stream is available in the browser, and there are also separate applications for popular platforms. Android, iOS and macOS. 

Functionality allows you to “comfortably hold or participate in an online event”: demonstration and screen recording, meeting chat, “raise of hands.” It is planned to expand the capabilities in the future. Meetings can be held regularly, they will receive a permanent address, planning and scheduling of meetings in the calendar is available. 

The press service of Wildberries told the editors of ixbt.com that the service is currently being tested, and the official launch is planned for 2024. The company also emphasized:

The plan is to keep it free for users. You can access it from any device.

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