One UI 6.1 will take care of the health of Samsung smartphone batteries

by alex

The new version of Samsung firmware will have more parameters for the “battery protection” function

According to rumors, Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones will be the first smartphones with One UI 6.1 interface out of the box. You shouldn’t count on a large amount of innovations compared to One UI 6.0, but there will be important targeted changes in the firmware. An example is a feature called «battery protection»: in One UI 6.1 it will have three operating modes.

One UI 6.1 позаботится о «здоровье» аккумуляторов смартфонов Samsung

  • Basic: charging stops at 100 %, resumes at 95%;
  • Adaptive: charging pauses at 80% while the smartphone owner is sleeping, and by morning the battery is charged to 100%;
  • Maximum: charging will stop when reaching 80%.

Some other smartphones have already implemented similar functions, so Samsung won’t offer anything particularly unique. At the same time, it is very good that the company is expanding the capabilities of the «battery protection» function.

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