AMD sells Instinct MI300X accelerators with 192 GB of memory for 10-15 thousand dollars, while Nvidia H100 is three to seven times more expensive

by alex

Will this help AMD increase its market share?

We have already spoken more than once about the very high cost of the Nvidia H100 accelerator. It turns out that the competing solution from AMD is several times cheaper. 

Neither AMD nor Nvidia publicly disclose prices for their accelerators, especially since the price is different for each client, but according to Citi analysts, AMD sells Instinct MI300X accelerators to Microsoft for about $10,000 per unit. Other customers purchase this product for around $15,000. For comparison, the company's customers pay about $35,000 to $70,000 for the Nvidia H100, and the source says you can buy it for as little as $30,000. But it all depends on the volume of purchases and the agreements of a particular company with Nvidia. 

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So the Nvidia H100 is about three to seven times more expensive than the Instinct MI300X. It is very difficult to compare the performance of these solutions, because we can compare the amount of memory, performance data in TFLOPS, but in reality optimization and performance in specific tasks are very important.  

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