A rare Soviet bus with a ZIL-158 trailer has been restored

by alex

It will be exhibited in the museum

A rare bus with a ZIL-158 trailer was restored in Moscow, as reported by the press service of the Moscow Transport Museum.

«Restorers of the Moscow Transport Museum have completed work on restoring the Soviet ZIL-158 bus with a trailer — the latest mass model of the bus from the Likhachev Plant. The exhibit will take its place in the permanent exhibition of the Moscow Transport Museum in Melnikov's garage on Novoryazanskaya Street, 27», — the message says.

Production of such buses started in August 1957. They received an increased wheelbase and capacity compared to the ZIS-155. Moreover, the trailer made it possible to increase the passenger capacity to 100 people.

Museum specialists worked on the restoration for about two years; they strengthened the body of the ZIL-158 bus and carried out paint and varnish work.

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