In Belarus, BYD electric cars began to be sold with an official 3-year warranty

by alex

Or 100 thousand km, whichever comes first

The Belarusian company SGP announced that it had reached an agreement with the Chinese BYD on warranty obligations. This means that in a neighboring country you can now buy a BYD car, which will have a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years or 100 thousand km. It is noted that the warranty applies to the power unit, traction battery, electronic control units and body.

SGP also gained access to BYD service software and official diagnostic equipment both for servicing BYD machines (and for updating firmware).

«Official channels for the supply of spare parts to Belarus are now being worked out. This means that very soon all SGP customers will have direct access to spare parts and components», — told in SGP.

Huawei got the better of Apple here too. The company overtook the Cupertino giant and took first place in the tablet market in China

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