Xiaomi SU7 electric car accused of fatal accident

by alex

The manufacturer claims that this is slander and the machine is not to blame

The Xiaomi SU7 electric car was recently involved in a fatal accident in China. As a result of the incident, three people were injured and one died. On June 7, Xiaomi admitted the incident and stated that it was actively cooperating with the police and was also conducting its own investigation.

According to the company, journalists circulated false information that Xiaomi SU7 was the culprit of the accident. Chinese news outlets reported that the premium electric car suddenly lost control while leaving a parking lot and crashed into other vehicles and pedestrians. Describing the incident, they indicated that the car «got out of control» and «a brake failure occurred».

But Xiaomi claims that SU7 is not to blame for anything. Recordings were obtained from the vehicle which confirmed that it was normal at the time of the accident, with the gas and brake pedals operating as normal. The company intends to study in detail what happened and establish the truth, and it also helps the victims of this accident.

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