Xbox owners had to wait several months, and all because of the weakness of the Series S. Baldur’s Gate 3 is finally released on Microsoft consoles

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It's Game of the Year at The Game Awards

The game Baldur's Gate 3 recently took the title of «Game of the Year» at The Game Awards, and at the same time it was finally released on Xbox consoles. 

Владельцам Xbox пришлось ждать несколько месяцев, и всё из-за слабости Series S. Игра Baldur’s Gate 3 наконец-то вышла на консолях Microsoft

Larian Studios has kept its promise to release the game on Microsoft consoles before the end of this year. Let us remind you that the game was released on PC on August 3, and on PlayStation on September 6.  

The release of the game on Xbox was greatly delayed due to Series S. More precisely, Microsoft’s policy regarding the junior console, according to which no game should have differences in gameplay on Series X and Series S. And during development, Larian specialists Studios encountered a problem on the smaller console: the console simply did not have enough performance and memory to run split-screen mode for two players. Microsoft specialists, whom the company allocated to help Larian Studios, also did not help. 

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In the end, Microsoft decided to make an exception for Baldur's Gate 3, allowing developers to release it on Series S without split-screen mode. If not for this, perhaps the game would not have been released on Xbox consoles at all. 

As for The Game Awards, Baldur's Gate 3 also received awards in the categories “Best RPG”, “Best Multiplayer”, “Voice” players», «Best acting» (Neil Newbon for his role as the vampire Astarion) and «Best Community Support».  

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