Sales of the all-new Toyota Camry will start on March 6

by alex

The first country where the new sedan will be available is China

As reported by Autohome, sales of the all-new Toyota Camry (Camry XV80 or ninth generation Camry) will start on March 6th. Moreover, China will be the first country where the new Camry will be available in retail: before this, pre-orders were opened in China, and, for example, in the USA, production of the Camry XV80 will begin later this year.

In China, the Camry XV80 is available in three appearance versions, which correspond to the SE, LE and XSE trim levels.

Продажи совершенно новой Toyota Camry стартуют 6 марта

There are also three engines: a basic 2.0-liter naturally aspirated one and two non-rechargeable hybrid power plants with engines of 2.0 and 2.5 liters. Pre-order prices – from 24.2 to 29 thousand dollars, but at retail, sedans will probably be cheaper. In addition, at the start of open sales of new models in China, discounts and various bonus programs are usually announced.

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