Former PlayStation developer: “Blade today is not exclusive. This is a Marvel requirement.”

by alex

The developers of the Dishonored series are working on their first game in the Marvel universe. The studio received the “Blade” brand, and the vampire hunter will go to Paris, where he will rid the world of vampires. The game was announced in a teaser at The Game Awards.

Former PlayStation developer: “Blade today is not exclusive. This is a Marvel requirement."

Possible exclusivity is not excluded, since the game is being handled by the internal studio Microsfot, but former Sony Bend employee Alex Smith, who worked on Days Gone, spoke about this. The developer no longer works for PlayStation, but shared some interesting information.

“TODAY, let me clarify, TODAY!!! December 8, 2023 BLADE is not an Xbox exclusive. Contrary to what they say: “Bethesda is independent,” “Bethesda is a publisher,” “FTC, CMA ruling, etc.” This is a Marvel requirement!!!”

According to him, “ALL Marvel games licensed from 2022 should be cross-platform” – Alex Smith confirmed that he received this message from Electronic Arts. According to rumors, this was a requirement from Marvel that the games be available on a number of platforms.

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Alex Smith also touched on the topic of Wolverine – in this case, PlayStation should have received licenses earlier (before the aforementioned 2022), and at that time Marvel did not yet require the games to be released on all platforms.

In the first message, the developer indicated that “today” the game should be released not only on Xbox and PC, but it’s difficult to say how things will be in a few years. Currently Microsoft is not commenting on the situation.

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