WhatsApp launched self-destructing voice messages

by alex

Such messages will disappear immediately after listening

The team of the popular messenger WhatsApp announced the launch of a new feature for voice messages. Now users have access to voice messages designed for one-time listening. 

В WhatsApp запустили самоуничтожающиеся голосовые сообщения

As the developers note, this function can be useful in a variety of situations. For example, if you want to dictate credit card details to a friend or are planning a surprise. Like photos and videos for one-time viewing, such voice messages are marked with a special icon that warns that the recording can only be listened to once.

В WhatsApp запустили самоуничтожающиеся голосовые сообщения

The spread of the innovation has already begun. One-time voice messages will be available to users worldwide in the next few days.

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