“Wildberries is assisting the police” – employees are being checked by the police, delays in work are possible

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At the Wildberries warehouse in Elektrostal, employees' documents are being checked, as reported by RIA Novosti and TASS.

The company confirmed that management is assisting the police and taking measures to return the facility to normal operation. In this case, there may be interruptions in the loading and unloading of goods.

“The documents of employees of the Elektrostal SC are being checked. Specialists who have passed the test return to their jobs. In this regard, interruptions in the loading and unloading of goods are possible in a number of areas of the logistics center. Wildberries management is assisting the police,” Wildberries said in a statement.

«Wildberries оказывает содействие полиции» — сотрудники проверяются полицией, возможны задержки в работе

The company added that management is doing everything possible “to speed up the process of returning the warehouse to normal operation.”

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