A Lada Vesta with a CVT can be purchased for 1.289 million rubles. But a number of conditions must be met

by alex

Mainly dealers now have “automatic” Lada Vesta in a sedan body and black or white color

Resource «Southern Automobile» conducted a survey of Lada dealers in order to find out the real prices for «automatic» Lada Vesta. It turned out that most sellers of these cars have prices that either correspond to the recommended ones or are close to them.

So, Lada Vesta with a CVT is available in the Comfort package for 1.589 million rubles and in the Enjoy package for 1.744 million rubles. However, when purchasing, you can save up to 300 thousand rubles if you use the credit program (minus 200 thousand rubles) and trade in your car (minus 100 thousand rubles). In this case, the basic version with a CVT will cost 1.289 million rubles.

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However, there are still sellers who inflate prices. For example, one of the showrooms in Krasnodar sells the CVT Vesta. with «extras» by 45 thousand rubles (engine protection, alarm system, anti-corrosion treatment and mats), and another seller, in Rostov-on-Don, simply increased the cost of the car by 100 thousand rubles without any «extras» .  

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