Which foreign cars have risen in price the most in 2023, the dealer said

by alex

These are used models of European, Japanese and South Korean brands

Used cars in Russia have become very expensive since the beginning of 2023, as stated by Nikolai Baskakov, director of Avilon Used Cars.

“Since January, the increase in prices for used cars in general has been approximately 30–40%,” said Nikolai Baskakov.

Какие иномарки подорожали сильнее всего в 2023 году, рассказал дилер

He confirmed that cars of European, Japanese and South Korean brands, which left the official Russian market and are now supplied to Russia through parallel imports, have increased in price the most.

A shortage of cars, the inability of sellers to fully satisfy demand and a small assortment are some of the reasons for rising car prices. Of course, there is a more obvious reason: the prices of new cars are prohibitive for many, so they choose cars on the secondary market.

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