One of the side missions in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was nominated for a representation award

by alex

Hi-Fi Rush and Moving Out 2 were also nominated for the GAconf Awards, which have existed since 2016.

While games usually receive nominations entirely for graphics, style, sound, acting, story, and other elements that make them stand out, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was nominated for a GAconf Awards for just one of its missions, which was not related to the main storyline in the game. game.

We are talking about the side mission Graffiti Trouble, which revolves around a deaf-mute character named Hayley.

Along with Marvel's Spider-Man, Hi-Fi Rush is also up for the Representation Award for its positive use of prosthetics and its integration into gameplay, as well as Moving Out 2 for its ability to put avatars in wheelchairs.

The GAconf Awards have been held since 2016, and its organizers praise gaming companies, media and manufacturers of various devices that pay attention to the representation of people with disabilities.

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