TCL showed the world's first 4K monitor 1000 Hz 4K monitor

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TCL показала первый в мире монитор 4K 1000 Гц монитор 4K

TCL показала первый в мире монитор 4K 1000 Гц монитор 4K

We already had a monitor with a refresh rate of 540 Hz, now it’s time for a new record . TCL has unveiled the world's first 1000Hz panel, and not in some low resolution, but in 4K.

TCL's Display Week 2024 booth showcases many display technologies, including HVA, HFS, MLED, MLCD, FMM OLED and IJP OLED. Presented by 85″ w-HVA Pro screen, the world's first 7.85″ tandem triple screen and 14″ 2.8K hybrid OLED display made using inkjet printing technology. Also introduced is the world's first CR 4000:1 HFS monitor, 16″ 8K laptop display and Ln-Oxide 14″ MUX 1:3 display, 57″ 6.9mm thick monitor and world's first 4K 1000Hz refresh rate monitor.

TCL показала первый в мире монитор 4K 1000 Гц монитор 4K

The fastest monitors on the market have a 540Hz refresh rate and use TN panels. They typically have low resolution due to technological limitations. However, DisplayPort 2.1 with UHBR20 mode theoretically has the ability to provide refresh rates up to 884 Hz at 1080p resolution without the need for stream compression. With the implementation of DSC 3.0 compression technology, the bandwidth requirement to achieve a 540 Hz refresh rate at 1080p resolution is reduced to only 15.5 Gbps, which is well within the available bandwidth of 77.3 Gbps (UHBR20).

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Although in practice it is almost impossible to achieve such a frame rate from the hardware side, the frame addition modes of modern video cards make it possible. TCL's goal with this display is to achieve a photorealistic visual experience using advanced gaming engines and frame generation technology that operates at a ratio of 10 to 1.

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TCL показала первый в мире монитор 4K 1000 Гц монитор 4K

TCL показала первый в мире монитор 4K 1000 Гц монитор 4K

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