Ubisoft officially announced the re-release of Beyond Good & Evil, but did not share details

by alex

No one was definitely upset about the company's stinginess with information about the game, since everything that people wanted to know about it, they already found out this morning

Ubisoft nevertheless decided to officially announce the anniversary edition of Beyond Good & Evil, which will be released in early 2024 on personal computers and two generations of consoles.

The company did not share any details of the publication, but in general this is not really necessary, because everything that players would like to know about it, they already learned from today’s Microsoft store leak. Some were even able to get the game as part of their Ubisoft+ subscription and play it.

Otherwise, the updated Beyond Good & Evil will receive improved graphics, updated sound and animations, an automatic save system, as well as support for high resolution and 60 frames per second.

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( news cover source: Ubisoft )

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