“VKontakte” added voice-over of the interface to the mobile version, VK Calls and VK ID

by alex

Services have become more convenient for blind users

The social network VKontakte has introduced updates to the mobile version, VK Calls and VK ID for blind users. Thus, in VK Calls it became possible to use the voice-over of the interface – in the web version and mobile application “VKontakte”, as well as in the separate VK Calls application for iOS and Android OS. To do this, you need to enable the screen reader function in the “Accessibility” or “Accessibility” section of your device settings. Voice-over of the interface will allow you to create calls and invite other participants, control the microphone and camera, enable meeting recording, connect to calls of other users via a link, and schedule video meetings. People with visual impairments can also send reactions using gestures.

«ВКонтакте» добавила озвучку интерфейса в мобильную версию, VK Звонки и VK ID

In VK ID, voice-over of the interface has become available during authorization and registration in all VK and partner services: navigation buttons, text in the interface, authorization form and everything that is on the screen are voiced. People with visual impairments will be able to listen to the audio version of the “captcha” to enter their profile, and VK’s own development allows you to voice not only letters and numbers separately, but also various image formats. The update will be available soon.

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In addition, blind users will be able to restore their VK ID profile using a photo via email; this can be done using a special button on the access recovery screen, which will be announced. Restoration with the help of friends is also available: the voice assistant will read out the first and last name of the friend specified in the modal window. The codes that friends tell the user will also be announced by the voice assistant, and on the screen for entering a phone number when recovering the VK ID password, instead of an alphabetic one, a numeric keypad will immediately open.

In the mobile version of VKontakte, voice acting for all functions of the messenger has become available. In the profile, notifications and news feed, it has become more convenient to work with modal windows, headings have been added that make it easier to navigate through sections, and a hotkey that allows you to open a global search.

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