Xiaomi Redmi K70E, which offers the power of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for $280, will not hit the global market. But the same thing will come out, under the name Poco X6 Pro

by alex

Perhaps the design will change a little

Yesterday Xiaomi introduced the inexpensive Redmi K70E smartphone, based on the very powerful Dimensity 8300-Ultra platform. That is, with a price starting from $280, the smartphone scores about 1.5 million points in AnTuTu 10, that is, it is approximately at the level of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. As it is now reported, the Redmi K70E will not enter the global market.

But the exact model called Redmi K70E will not come out, and we will still get exactly such a device, just under the name Poco X6 Pro. Actually, as is often the case with Chinese Xiaomi models.

Perhaps Xiaomi will change the design and colors a little, but the main characteristics should remain unchanged. Well, of course, in the global market the Poco X6 Pro will be more expensive than the original in the Chinese market.

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