Video of the day: second test flight of SpaceX Starship – key moments of the launch in 4K

by alex

SpaceX, which earlier, by Elon Musk’s decision, abandoned broadcasting launches on YouTube in favor of Twitter (now, God forgive me, X), published a video of the second test flight of Starship on its YouTube channel. This is a video that can be watched many times.

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SpaceX's video, just under 2 minutes long, adds to the already considerable collection of photos and videos of this undoubtedly important launch. The video is a compilation of key moments from the Starship IFT-2 test mission from different angles; material obtained using cameras in the air and on the ground is available in ultra-high resolution – up to 4K. This is an additional reason to once again remember how it was, admire the incredibly detailed footage of rocket porn in its purest form, which even surpasses previously released CGI videos, and once again rejoice at the success of the SpaceX team, which is actively working to pave the way for all of humanity to the Moon, Mars and others planets/satellites. Actually, here is the video itself:

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18 November Starship made its second orbital flight – the test of the largest and most powerful launch vehicle in history can safely be considered partially successful, despite the dramatic ending with two explosions (first, rapid unscheduled disassembly occurred from Super Heavy, and then this Starship suffered the same participation). Musk has previously said that the next Starship flight will take place in a month or two – and during this launch, SpaceX plans to try out the next key technology, namely a demonstration of fuel transfer (between the small tank in the nose and the main fuel tank). So we are looking forward to the third test launch of Starship, and a detailed analysis of the second test and the status of the development program for the most powerful reusable space launch system in history is in a separate material on the website.

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