The authors of GTFO announced their new project

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Den of Wolves is in many ways similar to the Payday series, which is not very surprising, since the creators of the series of cooperative shooters are working on it

The authors of GTFO announced their new project

Swedish studio 10 Chambers, founded by the developers of Payday and Payday 2, has announced Den of Wolves, a co-op shooter set in the future, in the city of Midway City, controlled by greedy corporations.

“The main goal of the player in Den of Wolves is industrial espionage, sabotage and contract killings (or, as corporates usually say, “non-standard assignments”). You and the selected team need to cope with the mission: think through an action plan, get information, gadgets and carry out the job.

Dynamic missions with unpredictable, dramatic turns await you. In scenarios in the techno-thriller genre, it is important to constantly be on the alert and be able to instantly move from ambush and camouflage to armed conflict” , says the official description of the project.

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Den of Wolves will be released on PC via Steam. The game does not have a release date yet.

The authors of GTFO announced their new project

(news cover source: 10 Chambers)

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