Valve allows gamers to hide games from friends on Steam

by alex

And updated the cart

Valve has launched interesting updates that are currently available in the beta version of the Steam client. Now users participating in testing will see a new version of the cart when placing an order in the store. They will also be able to make «private» games in your library.

Steam has long had the ability to set different privacy levels for a profile and the entire list of games. But there may be a situation when you want to exclude some games from these lists. The developers explained:

Starting today, you will be able to mark individual games as private, and they will no longer appear anywhere where they could be seen by someone other than you. Information that you have such a game, as well as your in-game status and activity will become unavailable. This optional feature will allow you to keep most of your Steam library visible to friends (so they can find out what you're playing and join in), but hide information about individual games

You can change the game visibility settings in three ways: in the cart, in the list of games (available in the browser) and in the Steam library (&Laquo;Settings» > «Management&raquo ; on the game page).

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Valve разрешила геймерам скрывать игры от друзей в Steam

As for the update to the Steam store cart, it includes several innovations:

  • Combined Gifts: You can now purchase gifts for multiple friends (and yourself) with one purchase.
  • One cart on all devices: items in the cart will now be displayed on all devices on which the gamer is logged into their Steam account. During beta testing, cart contents will only be saved on devices running the beta client.
  • Private purchases: a game can be made private before purchase by marking it accordingly before placing an order.  

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