Chinese cars have overcome “children’s winter illnesses”, but they have found new ones. Details were provided by the technical director of the automotive marketplace Fresh

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Car dealers help in resolving emerging issues

Evgeniy Zhitnukhin, head of the dealership department of the Fresh automobile marketplace, told us what «children's winter ailments» managed to win in Chinese cars, and what unexpected disadvantages were discovered in the latest models.

«In fact, information about the shortcomings of Chinese cars that appear during operation in Russian winter conditions is a little outdated. After the "first try" in 2003, most automakers from China eliminated all the shortcomings of their models identified by Russian motorists. Now almost all Chinese cars have a package of warm options, even in basic configurations», — stated Evgeny Zhitnukhin.

True, some of the latest models of the Chinese automobile industry have their own non-critical features that slightly complicate the life of their owners. For example, Chery Tiggo 8 has a unique system for attaching windshield wipers, so when trying to replace summer wipers for special winter ones, Russian motorists were faced with the impossibility of finding suitable brushes for mounting. However, some car dealers promised to come to the rescue and order the necessary components directly from China.

Evgeniy Zhitnukhin

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