[Video] PlayStation crash. Exclusives and PS5 Pro.

by alex

The recent hack of the Insomniac Games studio showed not only how vulnerable Sony is to hacker attacks, but also the depth of the fall of one of the pillars of the gaming industry

The data stolen by hackers from Insomniac Games revealed the entire ins and outs of Sony Interactive Entertainment and clearly showed the depth of the fall of the PlayStation. Yes, Sony's gaming division was and remains one of the pillars on which the entire gaming industry is based, but in recent years it has changed almost beyond recognition.

Leaked files showed that PlayStation ran out of ideas, budgets were unreasonably inflated, and many of the series that made Sony consoles one of the most popular in the world began to fizzle out after attempts by Sony-controlled studios to squeeze the most out of them.

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Also, many do not fully understand why Sony is once again trying to artificially extend the life cycle of the PlayStation 5, planning to release the PlayStation 5 Pro as early as September next year. Behind the sweet promises to increase the performance of the original console by almost three times and introduce its own light ray tracing technology, there is definitely a fabulous price tag that will seriously affect the popularity of the device.

[Video] PlayStation crash. Exclusives and PS5 Pro.

(publication cover source: SIE)

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