The company that produced Scania and MAN trucks in Russia was liquidated

by alex

Truck Production Rus has been idle since March 2022

The company «Truck Production Rus», founded in 2016 and producing Scania and MAN trucks in Russia, was liquidated. This was reported by «Business Petersburg». The Committee on Industrial Policy, Innovation and Trade of St. Petersburg confirmed that the plant is not operating.

«The company did not have a full-fledged conveyor belt and deep localization of production. And the supply of components necessary for the operation of the plant has not been established since 2022», — told «Business Petersburg» industry source.

Both MAN and Scania occupied serious positions in the Russian truck market. According to «Avtostat-info», in 2021 their share accounted for 12% of the 100,000-strong market of medium- and large-tonnage trucks in Russia.

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