Toyota is preparing two completely new Land Cruisers: large and small

by alex

Both models will have a monocoque body

The Autocar resource shared new details about two new Land Cruiser SUVs that Toyota is working on. These models will be an offshoot of the original line, as they will have a monocoque body instead of a frame structure, and the power plant will be electric.

The small model, designated Compact Cruiser, will be built on the e-TNGA platform and unified with the bZ4X crossover, and the large Lans Cruiser Se will have its own chassis. Interestingly, the Compact Cruiser is being created as a response to compact versions of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Land Rover Defender: these cars have not yet been released, but Toyota is proactive. Despite the monocoque body, both cars will retain the off-road potential characteristic of the line.  

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Toyota готовит два совершенно новых Land Cruiser: большой и маленький

Toyota Compact Cruiser will be cheaper than the current Prado 250 (from 55 thousand dollars in the USA) and will be aimed at a youth audience, Land Cruiser Se will be positioned as a luxury SUV, and its power reserve will reach 1000 km.

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