Thunderful Group sells Headup

by alex

The buyer of the German publisher is Microcuts Holding, which is managed by Headup founder Dieter Schoeller

The Swedish holding Thunderful Group, which is going through hard times right now, has decided to sell the Headup publishing house to Microcuts Holding, headed by Headup founder Dieter Schoeller.

Microcuts Holding will pay 500 thousand euros for Headup shares. Of the company's remaining revenue obligations of €1.8 million (1,873,000), €957 thousand will be paid upon closing of the deal.

The deal includes a catalog of 80 already released projects Headup and 5 upcoming games from the publisher. Thunderful Group will retain control over some assets and franchises, and will also receive a share of income from a future and as yet unannounced game for a total amount of up to 300 thousand euros.

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(news cover source: Headup/Thunderful)

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