Trips in Yandex Taxi cars from the disaster zone will be free

by alex

The service will return the funds at its own expense, the drivers’ earnings will remain the same

From March 27, the service «Yandex Taxi» made taxi rides free in the event of forced mass evacuations from areas of emergency or disaster. The new rule will apply in all regions of the service. It is noted that «Yandex Taxi» will return funds to passengers at its own expense, and taxi drivers will not suffer financially. The money for the trip will be returned within three days to the debit card or in the form of a promotional code if payment was made in cash.

Zones and times of mass evacuations that were carried out in case of emergencies, «Yandex Taxi» will be determined in cooperation with city authorities. However, by mass evacuation the company will understand all cases where people decided to leave and take their families away from a dangerous area, and not just situations where there was an official announcement from the authorities. So, on the evening of March 22, the service «Yandex Taxi» made free travel from the area of ​​the terrorist attack to «Crocus City Hall».

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