This was once a joke on April 1st. Nvidia Announces Project G-Assist AI Assistant for Gamers

by alex

AI will help you complete games

Nvidia announced Project G-Assist — AI assistant aimed at gamers. 

All the details are not yet available, but the main essence is known. The point is that Project G-Assist will be able to help players complete games by giving various tips. For example, find the best weapon, level up your character correctly, and so on. In addition, the AI ​​will suggest the optimal settings for a specific game and a specific PC configuration. 

Когда-то это была шутка на 1 апреля. Nvidia анонсирует ИИ-помощника Project G-Assist для геймеров

This will work, of course, on GeForce RTX video cards. At the same time, it is not yet clear whether there will be any conditions for the AI ​​to work, what the list of supported games will be and whether there will be one at all, or how detailed the Project G-Assist advice will be.  

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There is one very interesting aspect to this story. The fact is that Nvidia announced a product called GeForce GTX G-Assist with approximately the same capabilities back in 2017. Only then it was an April Fool's joke.  

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