These are bicycles or motorcycles? New Segway-Ninebot off-road products presented

by alex

The models were named Xafari and Xyber

Segway-Ninebot has unveiled its latest electric bikes, the Xafari and Xyber, which look like motorcycles.

Segway-Ninebot says the Xafari provides riders with SUV-like comfort. This is achieved through front and rear suspension, as well as adjustable ergonomic elements to suit riders of different sizes and heights. On the tech side, the Xafari gets Active Scene Perception, which automatically adjusts driving assistance based on road conditions and driver inputs. It also comes with anti-theft features such as GPS tracking, location-based alarm and Ninebot AirLock technology.

Это велосипеды или мотоциклы? Представлены новинки Segway-Ninebot для бездорожья

Xafari comes with integration with various health apps, as well as a color display with smart apps to keep drivers updated with relevant trip statistics. It has a large 913 Wh battery, a 750-watt geared motor and thick 7.5 cm wide tires that allow it to ride equally well on the street, on gravel roads and off-road.

Production of the powerful crossover Evolute i-Jet has been launched in Russia: 585 hp. and 3.7 s to 100 km/h

Это велосипеды или мотоциклы? Представлены новинки Segway-Ninebot для бездорожья

Xyber is equipped with a powerful geared motor with a stated torque of 175 N·m, while the power is not reported. The bike is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 1440 Wh, which, according to Segway-Ninebot, allows you to travel 150 km without recharging. The Xyber features a motorcycle-style dual suspension and double-post frame, plus a long saddle and double-crown fork.

Full specifications and prices of the two new models will be announced later.

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