The tragedy of Twix the cat will not be repeated: the Russian Railways Passengers application has been updated

by alex

Another innovation introduced by Russian Railways after a winter incident with a cat thrown out of a train in the cold

Company «Russian Railways» has released an update for the proprietary mobile application «Russian Railways Passengers». As the developers promise, purchasing tickets has become even more convenient in the application, several new options have appeared at once. 

The application now has a hint that will help you quickly enter or edit passenger data. Checking the age of majority of passengers accompanying disabled people is disabled, including when purchasing tickets for them in specialized compartments. 

And finally,  when registering for transportation of a pet, you can now indicate its type, description and name, so that the carriage conductor is informed about the transportation of a specific animal. As you might guess, this is another precaution that Russian Railways is taking to avoid a repeat of the winter incident with the cat Twix, who was thrown off the train and then found dead.  

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Трагедия кота Твикса не повторится: обновилось приложение «РЖД Пассажирам»

Recall that the application «Russian Railways Passengers» combines the basic services necessary for passengers: choosing a route, issuing tickets and additional services, useful information about available services at stations, online display and much more. 

Трагедия кота Твикса не повторится: обновилось приложение «РЖД Пассажирам»

As reported by Russian Railways, more and more electronic tickets are being purchased using the application. From January to April 2024, more than 15.5 million tickets were issued through the mobile application for long-distance trains, which amounted to 30.8% of total ticket sales (for the same period last year, almost 12.8 million tickets were issued, or 30.3 %).

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