PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can now produce even about 100 fps. Tests have shown that FSR 3 improves performance by up to 72%

by alex

For now there is only one such game

The other day, the first game with support for FSR 3 frame generation technology appeared on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Tests showed that performance has increased very significantly. 

The authors of Digital Foundry checked the performance of the game Immortals of Aveum, which received an update with support for FSR 3, on the Xbox Series X. The increase in performance sometimes reached 70% or even a little more, and in the end the game showed 80-90 fps, and sometimes more than 100 fps.  

The reviewers also praised the overall implementation of FSR 3. There were no problems with delays or any abundance of artifacts, so the frame generator can be turned on without any worries. 

Thus, FSR 3 on current consoles can really significantly improve the gaming experience, especially considering that many modern games on PS5 and Xbox Series run at only 30 fps.  

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Unfortunately, there is only one such game so far, and it is completely unclear when others will be released or when existing ones will receive updates.  

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