A game is being made based on the series “The Boy’s Word”, a page has appeared on Steam

by alex

The popularity of the series “The Boy’s Word” attracted the indie developer. “Chushpan Simulator” is being prepared, the first frames are available

Sebasa Games presented a game on Steam called “Chushpan Simulator”. The series “The Boy’s Word” was recently released. Blood on the Asphalt” and the source of inspiration for this project is very easy to guess (some people learned from there the word “chushpan” = a simple man in the street).

Judging by the description, in the “Chushpan Simulator” “You have to go from chushpan to BOY: “….start your journey as a person with nothing, collecting garbage and handing over bottles, you will have the opportunity to move to a new social level. By participating in street fights, earn authority by joining the group and live the real life of a boy“.

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Sebasa Games promises canonical quests, as well as “fucking fights, the cult of Saint Copybara and a lot of references.” You can add “Chushpan Simulator” to your Steam wishlist using the link.

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