The source code of Grand Theft Auto V has been leaked online. The archive contains information about GTA VI and Bully 2

by alex

The leak is associated with last year's hack of Rockstar Games

As Rozetked writes, an archive has been leaked online that contains the source code of one of the most successful games in history, Grand Theft Auto V.

Inside the archive there are RAGE engine files, concept images, as well as some information about the previously announced GTA VI and the unknown Bully 2.

Leak confirms project codename — Project Americas. Also in the archive there is a file hinting at the continuation of the hooligan action Bully.

According to one version, a hacker stole the source code of Grand Theft Auto V as a result of hacking Rockstar Games in 2022. Then Arion Kurtazh leaked the gameplay of the early version of GTA VI.

He was recently sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment. Rockstar Games refrains from commenting on the publication of the source code

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