The pre-restyling BMW X5 is presented, more powerful than the updated X5 M. It was modified by G-Power

by alex

Plus 140 hp

Atelier G-Power presented the modified BMW X5 M50i in a pre-restyling modification, making the crossover even more powerful than the updated BMW X5 M.

Images of the car show off its full matte finish, while the engine has been boosted to produce an additional 140 horsepower. This made it possible to make the BMW X5 engine more powerful than the one installed at the factory in the current version of the X5 M.

Top versions of the crossover are equipped with a 4.4-liter V8. After the February restyling, the BMW X5 M received a 48-volt starter-generator, and its power is 625 hp. at 750 Nm of torque. The M50i version produces 530 hp. G-Power achieves an increase in engine power mainly through software upgrades, increasing it to 670 hp. and 900 Nm.

This is the latest BMW X3. The first image showed a greatly changed crossover

Представлен дорестайлинговый BMW X5 мощнее обновлённого X5 M. Его доработали в G-Power

The basic engine improvement package costs 8,855 euros, which is approximately equivalent to 867 thousand rubles or the cost of a Lada Granta. In addition, the studio offers an alternative exhaust with carbon tips for 4,760 euros and removal of the speed limiter for 495 euros.

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