Production of EVM Pro based on UAZ Profi will increase by an order of magnitude

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The developers have made changes based on feedback

The Electric Vehicles Manufacturing Rus company plans to increase production volumes of EVM Pro electric trucks based on the UAZ Profi in 2024.

“Next year we plan to produce about 1 thousand cars,” said the company’s general director Ilya Rashkin in an interview with TASS.

Производство EVM Pro на базе УАЗ Профи увеличат на порядок

In 2023, the automaker expects to produce about 70-80 electric trucks. According to him, the company is now being held back by the supply of chassis from UAZ, whose production is currently overloaded: “But I’m sure that everything will get better starting next year.”

Production of EVM Pro continued throughout the year, the first 20 machines were produced as pilots and delivered to potential customers for testing. The developers received feedback and refined the nuances identified during the operation of the machines.

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Производство EVM Pro на базе УАЗ Профи увеличат на порядок

And for several months now, mass production of electric trucks has been underway – the version that has passed all pilot tests.

Ilya Rashkin.

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