Toyota Mirai 2024 presented

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Prices for a hydrogen car have been announced

Toyota has introduced an updated hydrogen Mirai sedan for the domestic market. As part of the modernization, the car was improved with an advanced security complex and an improved media system. The cost of Mirai in Japan ranges from 7,261,000 to 8,610,000 yen depending on the selected configuration, or from 49 to 58 thousand dollars.

The basic version of the Toyota Mirai received an expanded set of Safety Sense driver assistants. In more expensive versions, the Teammate driver assistant is available, which makes driving easier in traffic jams, as well as the Advanced Park advanced car parking system.

In 2020, the Toyota Mirai was equipped with an 8-inch digital instrument cluster. Now this element has been increased to 12.3 inches, which corresponds to the diagonal of the central display. New equipment for the hydrogen car includes interior lighting with 64 shades, a video recorder and a “digital key” that allows you to control the doors and start the engine using a smartphone.

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The Mirai's powerplant remained unchanged: the car received a 182-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle and three hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 141 liters, providing a range of up to 850 kilometers.

Представлена Toyota Mirai 2024

This spring, an improved media system was introduced into the Toyota Mirai for the American market. Toyota's US division also announced a $15,000 bonus for buyers of new sedans, which can be used to replenish hydrogen reserves.

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