Rosatom switched to its own import-independent financial automated system

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The system covers more than 250 organizations

More than 250 enterprises in the nuclear industry have switched to an import-substituted financial automated system, as announced by JSC «Greenatom», which acts as Rosatom’s IT integrator.

«Treasury and financial services employees of nuclear industry enterprises began working in the new import-substituted financial automated system „Corporation Settlement Center“ (IS RCC). The system covers more than 250 organizations in the nuclear industry. The commissioning of an import-independent version of the RCC IS ensured a seamless transition of users to the new system without making changes to the interface and functionality, — says the message of JSC «Greenatom».

The new software is built on Russian certified solutions and meets the requirements for protecting the information of a critical information infrastructure facility.

Росатом перешёл на собственную импортонезависимую финансовую автоматизированную систему

Enterprises «Rosatom» brought more than 400 billion rubles to the budget in 2023

From the treasury side of the state corporation «Rosatom» Strict requirements were put forward for the new product: system stability, performance (information processing speed) and the absence of errors in functionality. In close cooperation with the project team, several cycles of load testing of the system were ensured, thanks to which it was possible to identify and correct inconsistencies, reach the planned levels of functionality and be confident that there would be no errors during the transition to commercial operation.

JSC «Greenatom»

The developers confirmed that the system update led to an increase in productivity: “Moreover, the system meets all the key requirements that apply to software and hardware solutions included in the IT landscape of the nuclear industry.”

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