The PlayStation 5 Pro processor will not be able to provide a significant increase in performance in processor-dependent games compared to the PS5

by alex

The frequency increase will be small

The PlayStation 5 Pro game console will be quite different technically from the PS5, but the processor will remain almost the same, except that the frequency in Boost mode will increase by 10%. The authors of Digital Foundry say that such a boost is unlikely to improve performance even in processor-dependent games. 

The increase in frequency is not enough to increase performance in such games from the base 30 fps to 40 fps on this basis alone. True, of course, there are no modern games that depend only on the CPU, but do not depend on the GPU, and the latter on the PS5 Pro will be almost one and a half times faster than on the PS5. 

However, it is still unclear how this special mode for the processor will work, and whether the players themselves will be able to activate it manually.  

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