Production of import-substituted electrical products has begun in Russia

by alex

These are sockets, switches, connectors, distribution boards

Company «Electric Solutions» (EKF brand) launched the production of electrical products in the Sobinsky district of the Vladimir region, with the help of which it is planned to replace imported analogues. This project is focused on creating high-tech import-substituting production capable of competing in the world market. In particular, sockets, switches and distribution boards are mentioned.

As part of the modernization of the enterprise, modern equipment equipped with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) — technology was introduced, allowing for remote monitoring and analysis of production processes. This will not only improve operating efficiency, but also reduce energy consumption costs by 10–15%, which is important for improving the economic sustainability of the enterprise.

Investments in the modernization of production amounted to more than 288 million rubles, half of which was provided by the Industrial Development Fund as a preferential loan under the Development Projects program. This project has also led to the creation of more than 120 high-performance jobs, which contributes to the development of the region's economy and increased social stability.

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It is noted that after reaching its designed capacity, EKF will annually be able to produce up to 6.2 million sockets and switches, 4 million cable entries, 570 thousand distribution boards, 770 thousand rubber and 830 thousand power connectors.

«After completion of the first stage of modernization, EKF increased product localization from 15 to 35%, with plans to increase this figure to 50% by the end of 2025. The company plans to significantly increase its market share in the segments of sockets and switches, cable glands, distribution boards, rubber and power connectors», — stated in the press service.

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