Critics are divided on Rise of the Ronin

by alex

A new project from Team NINJA and Koei Tecmo will be available on PlayStation 5 on March 22

Today the embargo on publishing reviews of Rise of the Ronin has lifted. According to critics, the Team NINJA studio has produced a good and dynamic action game with an exciting plot, which is not fully revealed by the boring open world and various technical problems.

Now the game has a score of 76 out of 100 on OpenCritic and the same on Metacritic.

“Rise of the Ronin has a lot of depth, from exciting combat to side missions across three vast regions, as well as a host of great characters. This game should mark the beginning of a great new era for Team Ninja.”, — TheSixthAxis, 9/10.

“Rise of the Ronin is the culmination of the combat formula that Team Ninja has been using since Nioh,”

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IGN Spain, 9/10.0.

“Despite the good combat system, Rise of the Ronin, to unfortunately, is the most disappointing Team Ninja game in years.”, – GamingBolt, 6/10.0.

“Rise of the Ronin doesn't impress with its open world and graphics, but it still manages to provide dozens of hours of fun thanks to its excellent combat system, impressive amount of content and interesting story” – IGN Italy, 7.5/10.0.

(news cover source: SIE)

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