The new Haval H9 is already at dealers in China. Sales start soon

by alex

The size of the new Haval H9 is comparable to the Toyota Land Cruiser 300

Haval dealers in China have started receiving the latest flagship SUV Haval H9 in «dog design». The first cars, judging by the photos published on the Internet, were painted matte black. And there are a lot of them, which indicates a fairly quick start of sales (at least pre-sales) of the new product.

The Haval H9 is radically different from its predecessor, in everything: exterior, interior, dimensions, components. The car is made in the spirit of «dog design» — SUVs Haval Cool Dog (aka Haval H3) and Haval Big Dog (Haval Dargo). And the closest model in design is the Haval Raptor.

Новый Haval H9 уже у дилеров в Китае. Скоро старт продаж

Dimensions of the second generation Haval H9 — 4950 × 1960 × 1930 mm, wheelbase — 2850 mm. That is, in terms of its dimensions, it almost exactly repeats the Toyota land Cruiser 300. In China, the Haval H9 can be either 5- or 7-seater, but in Russia the car will only have a three-row version.

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Новый Haval H9 уже у дилеров в Китае. Скоро старт продаж

The car has already appeared in Russia in live photos, in Tula they are preparing to launch the new product into production. The SUV will go on sale at the end of summer — early autumn with gasoline and diesel engines, as well as with automatic transmissions. Estimated prices — 4.3–5.8 million rubles.

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