Stellar Blade's next game won't be a PS5 exclusive

by alex

The team behind Stellar Blade, Shift Up, has revealed that their next game will not be a PS5 exclusive.

The AAA sci-fi combat RPG will be released on “consoles, PC and mobile devices.” The studio has decided to give up its PlayStation 5 exclusivity in an attempt to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Although Stellar Blade hasn't released yet, Shift Up is already hiring for the next game. The new job descriptions say that it will be a 3D sci-fi AAA role-playing game with an urban setting.

The team added that the new project is being created in the Unreal Engine, and in The game also contains monsters and creatures. The job posting also states that the new game will be “multi-platform” and designed for “consoles, PC and mobile devices.”

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It's worth noting that Stellar Blade was also originally announced as a multi-platform game before Sony gained PS5 exclusivity, so it's possible that this could change with a new game in the future.

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