The newest Lexus LM has fallen in price by 32 thousand dollars and has become even more similar to the Toyota Alphard

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Instead of four seats, there are now six separate chairs in the interior of a luxury minivan

The Lexus LM debuted last year and was offered in only one top-end four-seat version. The price of such a car on the home market in Japan is 128 thousand dollars. And now LM has a more spacious and, at the same time, more affordable version — six-seater. Interestingly, this Lexus LM has become even more similar to its sister minivan Toyota Alphard.

Of course, the interior has been greatly modified. The partition separating the driver and front passenger from the rear passengers has disappeared, and along with the partition the 48-inch TV has disappeared. In general, the interior and seats of the 6-seater Lexus LM are the same as in the Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge, but Lexus has better finishing materials.

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Новейший Lexus LM подешевел на 32 тыс. долларов и стал ещё больше похожим на Toyota Alphard

The power plant has not changed — The minivan is a hybrid based on a 2.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine. But the price of the car has decreased, and decreased significantly: a 6-metre Lexus LM 500h L costs 96 thousand dollars.

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