The new Call of Duty will be released immediately on Game Pass, journalists say

by alex

Earlier it became known that in March the Microsoft service catalog will be replenished with the role-playing action game Diablo 4. Game Pass will continue to expand with other ActiBlizz games

Portal Charlie Intel believes that in light of the addition of Diablo 4 to Game Pass and Microsoft’s promises to continue to replenish the service’s catalog with Activision Blizzard games, the appearance of the next Call of Duty on it remains only a matter of time. It is possible that the new shooter will be available on Game Pass on the day of release.

Activision itself has not officially provided any information about the next part of Call of Duty, but it is already online There are a lot of rumors indicating that the game will be called Black Ops Gulf War and will continue to develop the ideas with an open level structure that players did not like in Modern Warfare 3.

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Release The game should take place in October of this year.

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