The most simplified Lada Granta turned out to be not so simplified after all? First photo published

by alex

Cars have already begun to be shipped to dealers

The insider public Avtograd News published a photo of a simplified Lada Granta. Informants report that it is easily identified by its silver-painted stamped wheel rims. However – and it's interesting – door handles and mirrors are painted in body color. For comparison, the cheapest Lada Vesta has black handles and mirrors.

Insiders reported that the car has already begun to be shipped to dealers. In fact, it is clear that there are four such cars on the car transporter.

Earlier, Avtograd News reported that the simplified Lada Granta does not have air conditioning, electric power steering, a media system, illumination of the glove box and trunk, a trunk closing handle, a seal and sound insulation on the hood, heated mirrors, heated seats and many other options.

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This version has not yet been officially announced, but a few days ago the head of AvtoVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, said that if the buyer wants to save money, the plant is ready to remove options from the car.

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