The head of KamAZ told how much dealers earn from selling trucks

by alex

Due to dealer markups, truck prices reached 14 million rubles

The head of KamAZ Sergei Kogogin in an interview with Vedomosti. told how much dealers earn from selling trucks. It turned out that the amounts were quite considerable.

«Sales of KamAZ trucks to commercial customers continue to remain profitable. We had to increase the price range for equipment due to speculative prices from dealers, who raised their margin on our products from the usual 200-500 thousand rubles to 2 million– told by Sergey Kogogin.

However, according to the top manager, the situation on the market is now different: demand is falling, and with it the cost of cars is falling. If last year a truck cost 12-14 million rubles, now the price has dropped to 8.5-9.5 million rubles. And this applies to both KamAZ and Chinese cars.

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