The first Russian hybrid Evolute was announced

by alex

Details not yet disclosed

Russian company Evolute, which produces electric cars at the Motorinvest plant. near Lipetsk, announced the release of the brand’s first hybrid model.

The official Telegram channel of Evolute, where a teaser of the new product also appeared, says: «The first hybrid from Evolute — very soon on the market. Friends, it’s time to share a secret that we once mentioned in passing. We are preparing a bright new product for you — but let's allow ourselves to keep the intrigue a little longer. We can only say that this will be the first hybrid in our line».

The developers claim that the car will be comfortable, stylish, and, of course, the most profitable to use. It is not yet known whether it will be a sedan or a crossover.

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Initially, the electric sedan Evolute i-Pro rolled off the assembly line of the plant, and then the i-Joy and i-Sky crossovers were released.

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