Military Ford F-150 introduced

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The drone was created by Kodiak Robotics

Kodiak Robotics shows off the company's first prototype of the company's autonomous military platform, which allows the Ford F-150 to navigate without a human behind the wheel.

In November, Kodiak delivered its first autonomous F-150 to the military as a test bed for future technologies. The US Army is evaluating this technology for intelligence, surveillance and high-risk missions. The next step is to implement the system on purpose-built vehicles used by the armed forces.

Kodiak had this self-driving truck ready in just six months, as it adapted self-driving technology that the company had already tested on semi-trucks. The key to this system is the DefensePod, the protrusions you see on each side of this F-150. It's a modular solution, meaning Kodiak can adapt the system to other vehicles, not just Ford pickups.

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Представлен военный Ford F-150

Only mechanical modifications to the F-150 allow the driverless equipment to communicate with the truck's computers. Suspension adjustments have also been implemented so that the pickup can perform better off-road.

DefensePod sensors use a combination of radar, lidar and cameras to drive autonomous vehicle control. Kodiak says the system can operate in areas with poor GPS performance and guide the truck through rocks, mud and water. You can even take over the controls remotely or let a person drive as normal.

Представлен военный Ford F-150

Kodiak says soldiers can maintain DefensePods with minimal training, allowing the military to keep them operational if something happens during a mission. Many parts are reported to take 10 minutes or less to replace.

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