The Chinese now have their own LPDDR5-6400 RAM. It was started to be produced by CXMT

by alex

And they will also use Xiaomi and Transsion

China now has its own modern RAM. CXMT was the first company in the Middle Kingdom to start producing LPDDR5-6400 memory.

У китайцев теперь есть своя оперативная память LPDDR5-6400. Её начала производить CXMT

The company offers chips with a capacity of 6 or 12 GB, which is a bit atypical. CXMT also reports that Xiaomi and Transsion (owner of the Tecno and Infinix brands) have already approved this memory for their devices. Considering that these two companies alone account for 22% of all CXMT sales, this is good news for the latter.

It is not reported what technical process the new memory is produced by, but here CXMT is clearly inferior to giants like Samsung, Hynix or Micron. In addition, the older process technology prevents CXMT from releasing faster LPDDR5X memory.

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